• “Why nobody write Angola?” Could it be because nobody came? I am in a country where people are still afraid to go because they have been closed to the world because of the civil war which is close to 30 years old. It was one of the reasons that attracted me because it was not touristy, even if it was a painful cause, and that it did not undergo degeneration brought by tourism. On the south coast of the country is a small domestic tourism issue. Those who come to this region are mostly foreigners, rich locals and business people working in Luanda. 95 percent of the people do not have the economic power to think about traveling.
  • The country is rich in oil, natural gas and gemstone. The terrains are efficient and plenty of water. There is no production in the area that can produce crops 4 times a year. Everything is being imported into the needle thread. For this reason, Angola is one of the most expensive countries in the world. Luanda is called the second most expensive city after Tokyo. Unfortunately, Luanda does not deserve the money spent for herself. It’s not a beautiful city, it’s dangerous and exhausting. Tokyo deserves sacrifice in order, safety and beauty, but it is not worth staying in Luanda and losing money and time. Luanda’s accommodation must be been on thursday or on the weekends to Kissama Park, Calandula, Malange, Miradouro de Lua and cross to the south.
  • The strangers living in the country, the Portuguese in good condition, the wealthy locals live in places with special security, sports and shopping centers. Of course, these sites and many private properties inside and outside the city are surrounded by 2-meter walls and wire braids. It is very natural to see the Angolans in uniform with 24 hour watch on plastic chairs in front of the doors. Auto rifle police and soldiers guard the banks, major stores, government offices, gas stations.
  • If you are lucky, you can find money at an ATM. International money transfer is also not possible. My credit cards did not work either. It is not wise to use a card anyway. For that reason, it is necessary to spend money by bringing dollars or euros to this country and buying kwanza from street sellers called “black market”.
  • Other parts of the country except Luanda are safe, people are warmer and more helpful.
  • If you are a white, lonely woman, carry pepper gas in your pocket and do not stay in the dark, especially in Luanda. There is no paranoia, there is a precaution, continue to travel. As we move southward from Luanda, people are becoming more friendly and hospitable.
  • White people have always brought evil to these lands. They are in a justified prejudice against the whites (no matter which country from you and which religion). They have not forgotten the sadness of slaves, exploits, civil war. They are so poor, deprived and left in turmoil how unhappy!
  • Tiny little children go to school with plastic chairs in their heads and take them with them. These kids are lucky ones.
  • Public transport and roads are more comfortable than a few countries.
  • Kapoera dance is based in Angola. The Angolans, who were sold as slaves to South America during the colonial period, also took traditional dances with them. Today, it is possible to see the origins of the capoera instruments, which are made in Brazil, in daily life or in the museums in Angola. I will not forget the little boys who improvisation dance show on the beach of Bai Azul.
  • If you allow a budget in Angola, it’s a good idea to rent a car with a driver who knows the environment. Because the country is not touristy, there is no public transport to parks, waterfalls, even some areas. There is no problem with intercity transportation.
  • It’s great to see the miles of untouched, spacious beaches. Not to think that it will happen in a short time, but before the country is opened for tourism and those coasts must go without concrete.

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