My “Best and Worst of Africa” after 4 months solo journey:

1) The most colorful country: Mozambique

2) The worst road and public transport: Mozambique

3) The fastest bike drivers: Rwanda

4) The cleanest country: Rwanda

5) The most expensive country: Angola

6) The second most expensive country: Zimbabwe

7) The most expensive city: Luanda-Angola

8) The most beautiful beaches: Mozambique

9) The most peaceful people in the most peaceful countries: Lesotho and Swaziland

10) The most European country: Republic of South Africa

11) The most European city: Swakopmund-Namibia

13) The largest market: Lusaka City Market-Zambia

14) The most dangerous cities: Johannesburg and Luanda

15) The most beautiful island: Bazaruto-Mozambique

16) The most beautiful lake: Bunyonyi-Uganda

17) The most unhappy cities: Johannesburg and Luanda

18) The saddest country: Rwanda

19) The best training: Zimbabwe

20) The most beautiful delta: Okavango-Bostwana

21) The coldest desert day: Swakopmund-Namibia

22) The wildest safari: Masai Mara-Kenya

23) The most crowded safari: Masai Mara-Kenya

24) The wildest river: Zambezi-Zambia / Zimbabwe

25) The most beautiful border crossings: Zambia-Zimbabwe Victoria Falls Bridge, the Zambezi River between Bostwana and Zambia Kasane border gate

26) The most fragrant mountains: Swaziland

27) The most beautiful conical hills: Rusinga Island-Kenya

28) The best aromatic and expensive coffee/cake: Tony’s Coffee House- Zimbabwe

29) The greenest country: Uganda

30) The most delicious and cheapest seafood: Mozambique

31) The most delicious natural bread: Lesotho

32) The most important limb: Legs

33) The most exciting activity: 5 grade rafting in Jinja-Uganda

34) The most fascinating landscape: The active crater of the Nyiragongo Volcano-Democratic Republic of Congo

35) The most frightening landscape: The boiling of lava in the volcano

36) The most exhausting activity: Nyiragongo Volcano climb and descent

37) The most cheerful backpacker hostel: Jollyboys Backpackers-Zambia

38) The backpacker hostel with the most beautiful view: Nile River Explorers-Uganda

39) The best snake road: Serra de Leba-Angola

40) The most intimate animal experience: Giraffe kiss in the Nairobi Giraffe Center-Kenya

41) The most blue mountains: Rwanda’s blue leafy mountains

42) The most disgusting meal: Sauteed dried woodworm

43) The toughest journey: From Lesotho to Pretoria, more than 15 hours with 7 “chicken buses” changes.

44) The most shy look: Gorilla

45) The wildest look: Leopard

46) The smallest but most powerful people: Pygmy

47) The heaviest but fastest running animal: Elephant

48) The most exciting meeting: Silverback gorilla-Uganda

49) The hardest child labor: Democratic Republic of Congo

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