When I have time I am planning on how and where to go to Kenya. Go to Gaborone by bus, go to South Africa, fly to Nairobi from Johannesburg (shortly called “joburg”) or fly from Kasane, the closest airport to Chobe. Both options are expensive and require at least two to three transfers. When researching on the internet, I find a direct flight from Zambia Livingstone airport to Nairobi, which is cheaper and shorter.

Kasane / Kazungula is an interesting settlement with a border to Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Including Bostwana, it is one of the rare cities where the four countries join together. I leave Kasane very early in the morning and go to the Zambian border. There is a road about 1 km after the exit, where the taxi is not working. Those with the load are renting bicycle pegs. I walk to the Zambezi river and I am waiting for the ferry. Each ferry can carry only one truck, so there is a long truck line. I’m getting on the first ferry. This journey is only free for a few minutes. I love this kind of border crossing that nature draws, also to the Zambezi river. The river that seems both calm and safe and flowing with enthusiasm is actually wild. They do not appear at the moment, but there are crocodiles and hippopotamus on their surface, on the coast, in the depths, and on the other side, people running between the two countries.

 The Zambian border office is just 100 meters from the shore. A few weeks ago, I received a visa from my previous visit, and the visa is required again. I’m telling you I’m a transit passenger, and I’m showing you the aircraft’s intelligence. Maybe they come to conscience, but my work does not work. They say the rule is a rule and they get a $ 50 transit visa. A 30-day tourist visa and a transit visa are $ 50, and a daily visa is $ 20 for those who want to go back to Victoria’s waterfalls. The Zambia and Zimbabwe joint visa is $ 50.

A driver of a safari company comes to the camera while we wait. He says four Irish tourists are taking him to the Livingstone airport and he can transfer me for $ 40. We’re negotiating 20 bucks. I can go much cheaper with the minibuses but I do not want to deal with it. I am in the airport after 1 hour with the comfortable minibus of the group. I have 6 hours to move my plane. I enter the private passenger hall upstairs for $ 20. A little snack food and drinks, a little Internet, then I’m going to sleep in a little couch with the announcement that the plane started to purchase the Kenya Airways passenger.

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