After resting for a few hours, I start walking to watch the sunset from the top. I inform the officers at the entrance door that I m going to hill. There are two paths to the top. One is Ancient Path 350 mt, the other is Modern Path 450 mt. Trees, baboons, plains, rivers, sun setting behind the opposite hill, red clouds, smooth surface rocks on the right, stone walls from the 12th century on my left… No sound. I’m alone. It’s so peaceful. A little melancholy, a few photographs… I need to recover and build up the sunlight as soon as it sinks. Within 10 minutes at the latest, the darkness will collapse. The landing was behind that rock. It was not. I’m going to the other. There is a path that can be traversed through two giant rocks. I am following. This is not either. I had come from the right side of the remains. I’m going. Cliff. I go back and try all the little paws, but I can not find the two main paths down. The darkness is sinking. I panicked and lost direction completely. Moreover, I am in a place very small. The melancholy hill that I found peace 10 minutes ago suddenly turns into a labyrinth full of dead-end streets. I’m checking the phone, not pulling it, the lamp is not lit, the charge is over. I turn four. I’m completely on panic. I go to the edges and shout to the valley “Help!” I was out in the neighborhood and the officers at the door ended, leaving the park an hour ago. I’m running to the left: “Help!” I shout as far as I’m fumbling towards the ovary: “Heeeelp” No clutter. The color of the air will now be dark gray, and after five minutes it will be dark. You come in so many trips, stuck in a carpet field size! Scandal! Disaster! Shame! Baboons began to grumble, squatting down from the trees. The conversation between them is as follows:

– Who is this?

– I do not know, she is new.

– What is she doing here?

– Is she crazy?

– Yeah, crazy.

– Shall we help her?

– Forget it. Fuck the fool’s head!

– Do not care her.

– Let’s ignore her.

– But she saw us.

– She’s looking so sad.

– Pity, I’ll show her the way.

– Does she has banana in her bag?

– Who did allow this silly to Africa in?

My dive instructor told Stop-Think-Apply. I also watched Bear Gills’s Disaster Scenarios. What would he do? I saw a cave in there somewhere. I spend the night there. I have a match, water, and a dirt on my bag. The day will surely find a way to light up. I can imagine that the apes who adopted and raised the forest child Tarzan would have me. I see that you are accepting the night and even your life here Gül!!. Mama’s coming to mind. “Do not leave the crowd, my daughter! Do not leave the main road, my daughter! Do not go deep, my daughter! You do not follow them, my daughter! “

Then I see a red shirt between the rocks. He does not move at all. I close my myopia/astigmatic eyes tightly in dark gray air, is this true? There is also a short underneath and a sports shoe. A young, blond blue-eyed teenager looks at me in silent, non-moving clothes. I run and I hug. Thank god! An angel came and found me. I explain the situation. “Do you hear my call for help?” He says “I heard it, but both the accent and the echo from the “Hub” (my husband) perceived, I thought you were talking to your husband and I did not care.” Repent! “You wait here for me, I’ll look around and I’ll come.” I’m hanging out like a dank duckling. In this labyrinth he also finds a way to land after trying a couple of times. He is leading ahead talking to me behind the scenes. The post on her back takes care and tells my mood: “Ouch!” This angel came with the message.

Canadian Mark is a student living in Toronto. He took a break from school and came to Africa. When we went down the door, the darkness collapsed. I’m telling Mark’s friend Adrian and how I got lost in the vehicle that they rented to Zimbabwe’s chauffeur. They laugh. Now I laugh too. I’m asking you for your “Help”. “We heard it, but Mark thinks he’s joking.” Repent!

Everywhere is so dark I lost my sense of direction and I forgot where the hotel is. I ask them to leave me. I invite them to drink something when they come to the right. We are starting to chat at the restaurant. They came from Masvingo to visit the ruins for a few hours. You are very welcome, so are you.

It comes down to underground wealth. The Zimbabwe driver says he has a large number of gold and diamond mines, that even at depths of 30-40 cm he produces quality stones and is very cheap. I might be interested I thought if I was not alone, I would go right away, but I m afraid.

I ask them about the chicken and the fate of the birds I gave to the intern chef at the restaurant after lunch. He fried it again, prepared sauce, fried potatoes, and set the table with the bread. We all sat together. This time the birds are crispy and tasty.

Note: Is it worth coming to Great Zimbabwe? It’s half an hour from Masvingo. If you are around this time, you can go to ruins for an hour or two. There is no spectacular beauty of the sunsets. It’s not worth getting lost. I should have preferred Nyanga.

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