May 19, 2017

I flew from Istanbul to Cape Town on April 19th. A month like a day …

At the moment I am writing this article in a village of Zimbabwe under the stars. The people I met two days ago are chatting and laughing at a language I do not understand. Would I ever have guessed? Yes, I would. Because my mind was always around. There are wood fire, a cooker on top of it, a chicken that lived an hour earlier on the oven, four small children gathered around them… These children watch the fire instead of watching television or phone, listening to the conversation of the elders.

Monthly Impression:

  • Come to Africa.
  • People are very friendly, helpful, respectful. They are cheerful and peaceful in the regions where civil war is not much experienced.
  • Local public transports are legends. It is exhausting but every minute a separate adventure and entertainment.
  • Renting a car with more than 2 people is both economical and comfortable, yet public transport must be experienced.
  • If you are traveling by public transport you should visit this geography as young and as healthy as possible. One of the biggest factors in bringing Africa to the toughest point of travel is that transportation is in old vehicles, bad roads, crowded minibuses.
  • The most commonly used words that I can realize in songs that are constantly played on vehicles are “Whatsapp, Facebook, Haleluya …” Good sleeps in Africa!
  • Here too, women work harder than men. I can even say that men are lazy in some areas.
  • Children do their own works. Even an one year old baby eats his own food. No pertness, no nerves, no caprice. They are very social and cheerful because they do not have computer games on their hands.
  • They look 15-20 years younger than their age.
  • The most beautiful people in physics are Mozambique. (In 5 African countries I’ve seen so far)
  • Peaceful people of peace country in Swaziland.
  • Lesotho is ideal hiking counrty with the goat shepherds carry their blankets 24 hours. 
  • There are not many people has vehicle in the countryside. Even the bikes are luxurious. They run over kilometers by running or walking. There are thousands of Hussein Bolt in the villages.
  • Why angels are searched in books, so-called seminars, personal development programs! Save the money you will give them, buy tickets and take the road. The angels are on the roads.
  • There are lots of clothe  markets everywhere. When I asked a few people the answer was the same: “Churches are collecting aid worldwide and selling it to the public with the government.”
  • Internet is very slow. I can not upload videos and photos on the site, road stories are missing. I manage with Facebook but I m not happy. We have given so much effort to the site. What should I do?
  • Africa is not a cheap travel destination. Not at all!
  • Bargain everywhere. But if your budget is available, do not bother yourself and the people on your side. After all, they are poor than us in any case. At least you know where your money goes and you get service. This is some kind of help.
  • You should wear ordinary and old clothes as much as possible so you should not look like a tourist. It is obvious that we are foreigners because of our skin color, but at least it is beneficial to behave like someone who lives here and knows the region. Taking pictures with stylish dresses, with jewelery and watches be appreciated in social media, but that’s not the point.
  • They have something in common with us. If they do not know, they pretend to know.
  • They are very cautious and respectful of animals. They never make a show of courage. They do not say “I’m African, nothing will happen to me.” That’s one of the things they are different from.
  • I can describe the laughter of Africans as: whistle, reed, song, hei yyyyyy hihiiii celebration, childish jumping, spinning around, arms closing, hand clapping, light screaming, a mouth that reaches up, a bigger teeth, a theater show in the face of laughing eyes.

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