How Go to Angola

I am in Lusaka the capital of Zambia. I have to enter to Angola no later than 5 June. The visa I have received in Ankara is valid for 2 months and the entry into Angola is required within 2 months from the date of visa issuance. It can stayed for 30 days after log in.

There is not enough information on the internet regarding road status, entrance doors, etc. That’s why I went to the Angola Embassy in Lusaka and got information from the first word.

Entries from Zambia into Angola:

  • The border gate on Mwinilunga via Solwezi: Not recommended because the road on Angola is bad.
  • The border gate near Mongu: This was also not recommended because the road on Angola was bad. 

Entrances from Namibia to Angola:

  • Moving from Zambia to Livingstone to Namibia. The first border gate to Angola is in Rundu in Namibia.
  • Going to Oshikango via Rundu and going to Santa Clara in Angola. The door to the Oshikango is the busiest door, and the other one is Koaleck to the west. But going to this gate can last 2 days with local vehicles.
  • I used to go on land because I was accustomed to road conditions, hard and tiring but adventurous and fun. I have to go by plane though it is expensive because I do not have time because of visa expry date.

Flight from Lusaka to Luanda: Direct flight from Angola Airlines for three days a week. You can fly with one or two transfer by Namibia, Emirates, South Africa, Ethiopia Airlines. But the flights on this date had very long transfer times and were not cheap.

I fly directly to Luanda by Angola Airlines on sunday. One way ticket is 450 USD. I’m reporting on the plane right now ­čÖé Boeing 737-200 and the number of passengers is not even 30. Approximately 40 minutes after we venture down to Zimbabwe’s capital Harare Airport. We can call this flight “semi-direct”. The Harare passengers are coming down. Luanda passengers are waiting in the plane. The passengers on board will fly from Zimbabwe to Angola. When we ventilate in half an hour I count only 20 people.


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