We are taking a break in Karoi. The co-pilot says to me: “Wait here with the other passengers, we will go one place and ten minutes later the bus will be here.” There are peddlers, restaurants, shopping people in the land areas on both sides of the main road. I buy avocado and make it slices, honey sells. I’m opening the honey lid. There are bees in it. I’m looking at it. It’s alike, but I’m not sure. They may have bee in it because sugar seems to be boiling and realistic. I pour a little bit into the avocado and eat it with a spoon. It was beautiful. As a mobile dealer moves around, a baby is caught in a box. I try to make the baby laugh, but it’s serious. I think it’s the first time he has seen a white-skinned person. I hope he is not afraid of me. Her mother sells candy and the aunt sells dried fish. The fish are a little bigger than our seeds, and they sell it as a snack. “Eat” aunt says. First I smell it and then I eat. I grimace my face. The baby watching me starts to laugh. Everyone around him is laughing together at me. I think they eat this fish as an appetizer with a drink. That’s what seems to me. There is no bus in half an hour. I visit all the workbenches and chat with everyone. Very cheerful, everyone is laughing at each other jokingly. I think they treat me like a fellow. Some are timid, others come and meet. There are a lot of looms and people in the soil area on the opposite side of the road. There is also a modern shopping center. I can find an office there to open my phone line. I intended to cross the other side and I saw the baby following me with black eyes. I turn around and kiss him a little more, he get used to me, he is always laughing. After a few hugs I leave the baby to the box. I go to the street to cross the street. At that moment a great thundering rushes into a multitude of screams. A white car dives into people at great speed. All the stalls, people, umbrellas, hangers, fountains, phone cases that are out in front for about 50 meters are being thrown into the air and drifting between the wheels. It stops. The crowd that escapes first, turns around and hurries to the wounded. But part of it is not help but punish the driver. The white car is conscious of it, immediately trying to make a turn and escape but make stops after 10 meters. The chauffeur is dropped from the car and placed in the crowd. The only thing I see now is the sticks, punches, kicks, crying that come up in the air … On the one hand, the crowd gathered to help with the wounded. Somebody there, the two policemen are trying to prevent the incidents, but they are also bashing. The crowd went crazy. The driver is lynched on one side, the crowd breaking on the other side with vehicle stones, and the other injured in life. Two people who died before too soon, there are reports of broken arms and legs. The crowd grows and can not be stopped. The police and the ambulance arrived in a few minutes. Lynch is continuing. The police fired warning shot. An escape, then a gathering… A few more fires to the air… Women’s screams interfere with men’s shouting. A few more warning shots… Just a few minutes ago, laughing and joking, helping, working in the power, loving people suddenly become violent. The feeling of revenge fed with ignorance, the insecurity of the state. No one can pass before people gather and ask for justice with their own hands. The air was dark. It is not clear who will fire when and where. We are watching with the girl who met with me half an hour ago, we are approaching to see it closely, when the fire opens, we are holding hands and running away. There is a bit of mischief in her too, we can not control ourselves and we laugh. “I have to go to my house, you come sit here, wait for the bus.” I’m sitting down so she can relax. As soon as she’s gone, I go out and watch the events.


After about 1 hour the bus comes but the bus has changed. The goods transported this bus. I’m asking about the fate of my maternal baggage. “No worry.” The old woman who did not chat with me because she slept all the way kept a sit for me with her bag. These people are really good, but no need to get them angry!

When we moved, things were going on. If the baby had not called me in, I’d be in the crash site. I am having exciting moments for two days. There was a given loyalty.

I spend the night at Warthogs Bush Camp. Near the lake, $ 40 for the night. The walls of the bungalows are only 1 meter high and are made from cane. There’s a straw roof. The space between the roof and the wall is covered with wire mesh. So you are sleeping in the open air accompanied by animal sounds. Sometimes elephants, wild animals, such as water buffalo, were coming. There are no walls, glass, etc. for guests to see the animals visiting the camp. You can see animals when you stretch your head from a 1 meter high reed. I never saw animals. I do not think there is a chance to see it. When I woke up in the morning, the bed was filled with tiny ants. Two salamanders at the barn dropped from the roof onto the pat canyon ground. I’m not staying here. I m only one person in the camp. I’m picking up my stuff and going out. The taxi driver I’m calling brings the driver to a tourism company called Natureways. I’m going to Mana Pool National Park. But there is no public transport. There is no charter plane because there is no season. That’s why I need a professional help. I get to the park with Jenni’s organization.

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