I woke up at 7 am after staying one night in 1322 Backpackers Internatinal in Pretoria. There was no one in the 4-bed house. I am lucky. The bedroom has 2 showers but the common toilet is outside. Private rooms start at 350 rand. I made it very comfortable to sit alone in 170 rand bedrooms. There was also a heater. In common kitchen everyone prepares their own breakfast. If you want, you can also cook meals from the outside. Including bread, margarine, peanut butter, yoghurt, fruit as breakfast. I buy a sandwich, and an apple and yogurt for my 4 hour journey to Swaziland. Of course, it’s not clear how many hours will be more than 4 hours. Last night, Basel, who had made me a city tour, came in the morning to take me to the minibus taxi stop. Actually if I would call Uber I would not go with him, but my phone was locked again. Because he brought me around yesterday evening very quick. Basel called by hostess of the hostel. Half an hour later, when she saw us return, she asked, “How quickly did you return?” I told her the situation and I told her he wanted 200 rand. “Too much, I’m not satisfied at all, I’ll talk to him,” she said. She rebuke Basel in the morning gate. Does Basel care? Of course not. He put my things in the back seat. I sat in the chair next to him. I m offended, I’m not talking with him. He doesn’t care. We came to a stop. I took my little bag and walked to the bus stop. He carried my big bag while running after me and said: “Money, give my money” After yesterday’s fooling, he thought I would not give him the money for this morning’s service. I gave him 100 rand, I promised him for this morning, I did not even look in his face.

At 8.30 am … I went to the ticketing office made by tin. Passport no, name, phone etc. after I wrote it to the notebook. Officer wrote my name to the passenger list by taking 210 rand. They do not usually give tickets here. Sometimes they come in to the minibus and makes a name check and moves like that. He took my passport, put it beside other passports. He said he would distribute in the minibus. It is very meaningless. I left my purse with my baggage, and picked up a small bag of important items and walked a little. 10 meters away a few men are playing a game noisy clamer. I watched the game called Mbarabara. I ate roasted roast. Chef Lucky, 40 years old woman, has been a child at the age of 16. She says the age of pregnancy is usually 14. I would played football with boys at those ages.

The 22-person capacity was full at 11 o’clock. The trolley was tied to the back of the car, put into the suitcases and netted over them. To prevent them from being thrown. At the end of our trip in Patagonia, we could not choose our suitcases. Because there was a layer of dust on them. Luckily the roads here are asphalt and smooth. Everyone is in trouble instead. The minibuses are cramped because additional seats are placed. After 50 meters we stopped at a gas station. People who were trying to fit in their couches 2 minutes ago were suddenly invisible. After a 20-minute break, we set off with chicken and potato fries, crispy crisps, baggy rust, soda pops. 

It’s 2 pm now … I open the laptop, I write on my knees. We go to the Oshoek border gate. I will try to find an English-recommended Lidwala Backpacker Lodge in the hostel last night. I need to go down in Lobamba.

I’m at Lidwala Backpacker Lodge. I did not need to go down in Lobamba. The driver drove me to the capital Mbabane. (Not worth staying in the capital) Called someone and took my bags and took them to another minibus. The driver said to another driver where he should drop me. I was dropped out 15 minutes later. Lodge is a charming hostel with small pool in the countryside. I paid 360 rand for two nights. Except for breakfast. I m in a mix room with 2 bunk beds. We are 3 with an Argentine couple. The showers and toilet are common and outside. The private rooms are not like the rooms but they are homey and 650 rand. Tents are 60 rand. None of them have a heater. But the temperature of our room is good. There was spicy spaghetti at dinner, 75 rand. You are predicting that you will get food so that the amount is adjusted accordingly. Here you can cook your own food as if you were in the other guest house. The Argentines rented a car and were still on the road, resting. I quickly met and left my belongings and went outside. The path that started right after the hostel reached the top in 1.5 hours. There’s a nice mixed smell here. A small dog came. I said, “Friend, walk around with me” there is no reaction. It is obvious that it does not know Turkish! I said “Let’s go.” She headed for the patrol. She constantly looked behind and waited a bit for me. She loved me. I gave her the decision to turn. Again in front of me, she stops at every three and four meters and watches me. She was doing almost every guest who came to. I also felt private. Anyway.

I met an American and an English girl. I said that Legends Backpacker Lodge is also recommended on the Coast the Coast (a booklet available at all hostels). The British police Charlotte stayed there too and said it was better here. The dreadlocks hairy girl has been volunteering for 2 years in a remote part of Swaziland. A little later, a young group of 15 people arrived. They came with an organization called All Out Africa and they would travel to these countries for a few days and spare them to work for volunteers.

The closest park to us in the valley of Ezulwini is the Mlilwane Wildlife Game Reserve. There is a lion picture in the brochures, but it does not exist. I woke up at 7 in the morning. We were parked 15 minutes later by a car of the Argentineans. Entrance is 50 rand per person. 2 crocodiles, a few water turtles, many zebra, antelope, impala, pig path. Feeding and bothering animals is forbidden. Has chase zebra entered this class? After one place we had to get off the car. We followed the path shown by the tiny levh written on the Hipo Trail and reached the top after 1,5 hours and we roamed around the lake. The walk is not difficult and is enjoyable. We did not see water play. The flavor of many variety is terrific. Neither hot nor cold, nor damp nor dry; There is a very sweet weather. Veterinarian Belinda and decorator Marcos first went to Manzini and then to Kruger Park in South Africa. I will go to the Mantenga Cultural Village, the minibus co-pilot has dropped me in front of a shop called Mantenga. Of course I’m in the wrong place. “Why, but why!” my hidden screams and my pathetic face must have caught by a young man from the other side was approaching. He speaks English very well. He studied in Austria. The minority who knows where Turkey is. He immediately entrusts me to the woman who is waiting in the busstop. “I know you. You can do it. Why are not you taking this Turkish lady to the village by your car? Come on, you’re a good woman, woman’s solidarity, you do. ” Wow, that’s good. The woman says “Come on, come with me,” after she thinks for two seconds. Lindalwe… One of the road angels. The young man suddenly disappears as he appears. (Now I think about it, I will make an album called Road Angels) It takes me to the village. Entrance per person 100 rand. I say, “If you have the time lets visit the park together.” We go to the small waterfall 700 meters ahead. We turn and watch the dance show. Then we are touring the village with a guide.

We became friends with Linda right away. When I tell her that I left my job and came to Africa, I find out that she is also a quitter. She was working in a bank and one day she said, “Why do I make the rich people more rich? I will build my own business and make myself wealthy. “And she built a furniture workshop.

After we finish the trip, she brings me where I stay. I invite her to drink a coffee. I show her the hostel. She said “I did not know that there was such a lovely and beautiful place in this town, it is very close to the road, but it is hidden from the road and I like it.” She is asking about Turkish cuisine and I am telling that Turkish cuisine is the richest cuisine in the world. “Do you know how to cook?” “Yes, of course” in my mouth when you receive an imposing answer, “Tomorrow you cook me?” she says. Glady but what do I cook? Is there stuff here? Whether I make a dry bean, rice or wheat or Harput meatballs, lentil soup, potato salad, wrap or stuffed, tarhana soup … Uffff! Slow down Rose, as if you could set a full dinner table every day when you were at home! But why do I eat my own meals when my mom has meals, it’s ridiculous!

Have a good day tomorrow.

Note: The rand (ZAR) used in South Africa is also used in Lesotho and Swaziland.

Note: In Oshoek the building of the Republic of South Africa was old and small, and there were many lines. Swaziland has a modern border crossing office. I was immediately stamped on my passport without asking what I was there for, so I easily entered without a visa.

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