-Mom, what happened to my dad?

-The lion has eaten your dad, my dear!

Kewie Misafu is a “watchman” who is the father of 7 children and were born in 1968 who works at the safari camp. Watchman’s task is to ensure camp safety for 24 hours. They are guarding at various points in the camp when the weather strikes around in the daytime. They alert the visitors to retreat when the darkness of their hands scans the darkness and becomes a dangerous approach. Sometimes hypos and elephants go in and out of the camp. Although they seem calm and harmless, they are very dangerous and the employees are very cautious. We even left the tables on the outside a few times and entered the restaurant. It’s a great feeling to be able to see the animals that I watch the documentaries so closely.

I sat in the chairs near the river to observe the sunset, and immediately came and set the fire and began to sit quietly on the chair in a few meters. This is his mission. Nobody is left alone even if they go a few meters away. In the evening, accompanied by visitors to their tents, they are absolutely accompanied. I am a little scared when it does. “Animals are afraid of fire, do not they, Kewie?” “Elephants used to run away when they saw the fire, but now they do not run away.” “Hippo?” “They are no longer afraid.” “Lions?” “Lions are not afraid of anything!”

Kewie’s four brothers died. He lost his father when he was 4 years old. His mother told what happened to his dad. An elephant entered his farm, while his father was trying to remove the elephant, the elephant began to chase him and was crushed by the elephant. Her mother married again. Six years later, a similar event repeated. His stepfather was drunk with his friends one evening in the village square with a drink. Despite the warning of his friends, he left them alone in the dark to go home and was attacked by a lion. When they found him in the morning, his arms and legs were gone. This kind of thing happened to police records as an “accident”. Like our traffic records, lion tiger attacks are reported here as ordinary accidents.

Kewie’s has 3 children from the first wife. When he decided to divorce his wife, his wife had recurred a disease in her throat and stayed in a hospital in Malawi for 3 months. Kewie gave up the divorce and took care of the children in the village. His wife left Kewie after she recovered and returned home. “She took everything even the knife and spoon.” he says. He got married again once he started working in the safari camps. He has four children from his second wife. In narrating, “workshops” use exclamations that I am used to hearing as “hiyyyy”, “yeiyyy”, imitating, laughing. Very cheerful. He’s telling jokes about animals. He imitates the elephants when the elephants drink corn beer which made by villagers and pass out in the middle of the village.

Meanwhile, the baby hypo enters to camp, followed by two adults, if Kewie does not scan the darkness with lamp we never see the animals; we retreat and approach the restaurant.

 He never saw any lions until he was 12-13. The lion thinks it’s an animal like a baboon. As they walked in the field with their age, they thought the lions they saw among the stones were baboons and stoned them. He is telling with laughing how they ran away when the lions stand up and showed their huge bodies.

A few days ago, four lions entered the camp at night, and they passed. “Are you ever afraid?” “I can not do this if I’m afraid. Then who will protect the guests? ” “When we see the lion, is it ever a heartbeat?” “No, I got used to it.”

“I need to work now” by showing the seat under the tree that says “my office” and laughing a little more. I can describe the laughter of Africans as: Whistle, whistle, singing, heiyyy, eyyy, hihiiii celebration, childish jumping, arms closure, hand clapping, light screaming, treble trotting, mouth, big teeth, a theater show in the face of laughing eyes.

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