This morning I agreed with Charlotte to go to the Royal Swazi Hotel’s pool. She was going to Mozambique a few days later with her rented vehicle. She changed her mind and decided to go to Lesotho today. “I’m afraid to make the car steal in Mozambique,” she said. The hotel is two or three kilometers away, I make stop the minibus. 5 rand. I’m dropping at Lugogo Sun Hotel. “No, this is not it.” “Yes.” “No, no.” “Here, go in, wait for the shuttle, take you to the Royal Swazi.” Lugogo Sun’s one night staying is 1,500 rand. The shuttle came in front of the hotel and drop the passengers on the hill Royal Swazi. This hotel is more upscale. It’s 3,500 rand. I buy lines for fast internet connection. 4 hour connection is 140 rand. The hotel is more famous for its golf course. I have the chance, Royal Swazi Golf Championship. Golf players from all over Africa are here. Kevin, who is in charge of the organization, shows me around the golf cart and gives information about the game.

The entrance to the pool is free and you just need to order food and drink. Tomato soup, two slices of bread, two pieces of butter, lemon juice 40 rand. I meet the organizer of the games while I’m walking around the garden. There is a poolside dinner for the players. They started to prepare tables. I’m going to swim a bit and then I will go to Lindelwa’s workshop. General Manager who I met at the pool went to Turkey, admired Istanbul. He remembers every moment of this trip. He insists that I stay for dinner organization of championship, but I have a word to Swazi friends to cook Turkish food. I d love to stay here also, but I have a promise.

We meet Linda and shopping. It is the easiest for it to be late because it is meatball and potato salad. I made white rice because I could not find bulgur. Result: Meatballs were frothy. The rice was tasteless. Potato salad is okay.

Long thin rice poured as much water into the world. I baked it with margarine. I did not like them, they liked it, Linda said she would cook it this way. The rice is not flavorful anymore, it is just an unpleasant rice because they are boiled just with water. So they are definitely preparing sauce on it. Linda choped the cabbage very thin, roasted with onions. A sweetish sauce cooked: “But no need to cook sauce anymore, I got rid of the sauce.”

I do not know why meatballs bubble like white cheese melted. I thought Linda was grilling cheese over it sometime but no. The meat seemed to be medium-fat in the market, but it has no taste, whatever is in it!

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