Who Am I?

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Welcome to my Memory Collection.

I m a Memory Collector. I collect the memories not the things.

This is not a professional photography site or travel blog. I have no claim about photography. But I am assertive communicate with local people, street culture, eat everything everywhere, go into strange places and get lost. There wont be countries and cities history, encyclopedic information such as sociology, anthropology or airplane schedule nor a list of where to eat. There are so many useful blogs and sites. You will still find clues in the photos. Even so if you ask I gladly explain the details.

The photos were taken pocket-sized old compact camera or mobilephone. No photoshop. Such as where and how taken. It’s like flash into my mind. If you are looking for images that are polished and polished with flawless clarity, technical tricks you will not find it on this site too. Instead of sitting across the computer and struggling with photoshop for hours I’d rather go out there and walk unconsciously.

Sincerity, naturalness and spontaneity… That’s all… That’ll all too…

Up to now  (february 2017) I have visited 35 countries. I made several interesting countries albums separately. I have shared the pics of other countries on my social media accounts. I have gathered people and food in a general album.

On the other hand I did not categorize children in particular. Because they are boundaries; independent of country names, colors, languages, religions, beliefs, politics, ideologies. They belong to the whole earth, not to pieces of land. They are entrusted to mankind. In fact, we are all entrusted to each other. Let’s just notice!

”My Precious” is my country Turkey (Turkiye) of course. I d like you to know about this most richest country on the world. Rich in culturel diversty, history, kitchen, language, music, humor, adrenaline, nature, season, goodness, hospitality, generosity… Especially Anatolia. Turkey (Turkiye) is the most beautiful country in the world I have ever seen. The world’s most compassionate people still live in these lands.

I record video and share on my website. I also try to write and speak English as possible as I can although not my mother tongue. My accent can be funny. Laughing is free but not underestimate. The world is bigger than Turkey. I wish it was Turkish but not the most spoken language of the world. I have a lot of friends who speak different languages. I would like them to join us in the common language. Would not it be more fun to be here all together? The essence of these, the only intention is to leave a gift other than my unique nostalgia stamp collection to my nephew: The Memorial Collection… He is a world lover, incorrigible adventurous. He’s already been a Memory Stacker as well as his aunt. He also regards the person as “human” first; not as “man-woman, black-white, believer-nonbeliever” etc. 

The curious kitten in his never grows up and just follows the things that make fly butterflies in his stomach. When these lines are written he was 14 years old. Probably my lamb will be one of the few people who show their patience to reading up all article.

Publish everything as you like in “From You” and accompany me on this journey.

For more photos and videos, click on the social media icons on the right hand side of the map in the main page.

If you follow, share, comment you make happy both me, my nephew  and as well as child within you. If no child, it is okay a cat too 

Have fun.


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