I’m at Nairobi Airport. The vaccination card is checked before entering the saloon where passport operations are made. It is especially important that the yellow fever be vaccinated. This control was also made in Angola. Those who need the visa have formed a long line on the visa bank. I’m in the other bank because I do not need the visa, but here it is after a half hour wait. The officer says, “You have your special passport, go to the diplomatic passport bank.” Waiting for half an hour, there is no row on the diplomatic passport bank.

I agree with a taxi and I go to Milimani Backpackers. A backpacked hotel in the garden just outside the city. There is a campground for tent travelers and a tent can be rented. Weather nights are cold, so I stay in one of the tiny rooms called cabins. The hot water supply is not working, the sockets are not working, the fuses are blowing. The same is true in other rooms. There is a large number of dogs in the house in the side garden, they bark as sad, no one can sleep. Some facilities, such as Tripadvisor, which has been praised on some travel sites, do not deserve it. I began to think that commentators who posted on these websites wrote positive comments on free accommodation. Maybe I should go to Wildebeest Backpackers Lodge.

One day later I will join Masai Mara on a fairly priced tour. Hostels work with companies that organize this type of trip. They are able to participate in other traveler groups on demand. Gertha from the South African Republic in the tent has never slept because of the dogs and cold. “I can not tolerate people, I prefer dogs,” she says. With her stunning blond hair, blue-and-white eyes and energetic young girl is teaching English as an English teacher while traveling the world. She was in South Korea before Africa. Today we will go to Nairobi together. First, we need to get a ticket to Mombasa for her. There is a new train line built by Chinese people between Nairobi and Mombasa, the journey takes 4 hours with a comfortable train. But the tickets ended two or three days ago. We go to the bus terminal and get the ticket. She will have saved the cost of accommodation by traveling on the night bus which is very spacious with armchairs. Nairobi is a very big city and traffic is very bad. We go out by taxi in the morning, we only get to the train and bus terminal and it is 16:00. At noon, the taxi driver stops by at a gas station. We stay in Gertha’s finger door when we get off the car to get some coffee. Gertha holding the hand in the wrong place at the wrong time and Rose closing the door on her finger. She does not scream, but she has so much pain and started to tremble. I immediately go into the market and ask for ice, there is no ice, the clerk picks up the ice cubes from the ice cream cupboard and surrounds them. Gertha’s thumb is swollen in a few seconds. It does not get in the way of pain, but it does not sound either. I don’t know what I will do. I apologize again and again. “You are not guilty, I am so awkward, things like that are always happening to me” she says. I make her sit in a chair, bring water and coffee, buy yogurt for the food. “I was about to pass out for a while, I forgot where I was, then I remembered you when I saw you in front of me.” Her body is really burning, her whole body is shaking and sweating, she is in shock because of the pain. We go to the pharmacy right next to show her finger, no broken, thank you, take the painkiller and go on. “Good thing I got travel health insurance,”she says. Fortunately, there is no need.

The Orphanage Elephants park, which opened to the public between 11.00-12.00 each day for just one hour, is already closed. I’m sorry I missed it. The Giraffe Center closes at 17.00. Gertha is tired and hurts so much today she wants to go to the hostel and rest in her tent. This girl has a wisdom to keep away from people.

In the Giraffe Center there is a large, green garden with the Giraffe Hotel. The boutique hotel is luxurious and expensive. The reason is that they can walk freely in the garden, the guests can feed them, and even the breakfast tables, which extend their heads in the windows, become common. The day-trip wanderer’s door is in a different place and the hotel sees it across. Here the caregivers are whistling and calling with their names. When the animals around the hotel hear their names, they allow the birds to come and take care of themselves. It’s so great to be able to touch an animal that is so elegant and cute. I do not neglect the giraffe kiss with pelites I took between my lips.

The next day I attend 3 nights 4 days Masai Mara and Nakuru Lake National Park tour. All inclusive is 490 USD. Our hotel is one of the affordable hotels in Masai Mara, Rhino Camp. Here the jeeps are luxury car’s safari car while our van can open on it. Two Americans, two Iranians, an Indian, a Nepalese, a Turk and a Kenyan chauffeur guide, we spend 4 days of purse snooping.

Rift Valley from Mozambique to Red Sea 9,600 km. In the wildlife issue, Masai Mara and hundreds of villages sprinkled on this lush valley. Our camp is right next to a Masai village.

Masai Mara has been the most impressive of all the safari I’ve made up to now. It is breathtaking to see thousands of African wildlife, giraffe, buffalo, antelope, waterfowl, rhinoceros, wild boar, eagle, vulture, thousands of impala spread all over the place like 6 lions, 5 cheetahs, 1 leopard, We have witnessed many times for three days to hunt the lush green mountains and lions. I missed the huge river crossing that I really missed.

I got the chance to see the lions, leopards, buffalo, elephants and rhinos called Big Five in one day. I m rich again, I add treasure to my treasure box again.

In Nakuru, the band breaks up. Americans are heading to Kisumu bus, Iranians are riding a bus to the Kampala from Nairobi. I am also taking the minibus to the Mbita in the Nakuru bus terminal, of course delayed by 3 hours. Victor is there to greet me and bring the Rosinga Islander. I will transfer from Kisii with the same company with the same ticket. When we get to Kisii, it’s 8 o’clock and the minibus driver says there is not a car to Mbita. How so? I repeatedly asked for the ticket officer. But now there are no vehicles at this hour! Staying here is time consuming to find a safe hotel. They say they will not give back the ticket money. I would have surprised if it was not. There is no need to insist and lose time, the result will not change. I’m sending a message to Victor, the son of the house I’m about to go to. Good thing I got a local phone card. He says to come to Homa Bay. The chauffeur puts me in the minibus to Homa Bay and he takes the warning himself because he feels guilty about 3 hours late. It’s almost midnight when I’m at Homa Bay. Taxi and boda boda drivers are all around me. I rescue myself and take refuge with the woman on the banana stand. The woman understands the nuisance, gets up from the back of the counter and seats me. The crowd starts giving up on another customer’s bag. “Are you going to sell bananas,” the voice says, “I am Victor!” He continues, smiling. This young man, 20 years old, looks like a Kenyan Olympic runner. With the delay of the bus, the plans came out of my work for an hour to meet the change. We go to the house of your sister right now in a cab. 2 passengers (me and Victor) are next to him, 5 people are in the back seat, 2 children are in the lap, 4 people are going in the luggage in half an hour without lights. It’s too late to go to the village, I will spend the night at his sister’s house and go to the island in the morning.

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